If your child experiences any dental emergency, we want to know about it ASAP so we can evaluate the situation and determine the best path of action.  There are several ways to get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  During office hours, our team is well trained and experienced in assessing the situation and providing assistance accordingly.  After hours, there are 2 numbers to call for help.  Dr. Hull’s emergency pager or Seattle Children’s Hospital Operator.  Please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Hull’s pager number first.  He will do his best to return your call within the hour, but if you need more immediate assistance or care, please first CALL (rather than rushing off to) Seattle Children’s Hospital Operator and ask for dental assistance.  They will be able to connect you to the dental department or the doctor on-call.  Nearly all dental emergencies do not require immediate care, and having a discussion with Dr. Hull or Children’s Hospital is very likely to save you a trip to the emergency room or urgent care center.  We want the very best for your child, so please call if you need help and advice!

During Office Hours: (206) 387-4131

After Hours Pager: (425) 243-3113

Seattle Children’s Hospital Operator: (206) 987-2000