We accept most PPO insurance plans regardless of network status.

We are In-Network with insurance carriers: Delta Dental PPO, Premera PPO, Regence PPO, and Cigna PPO. The benefit of being in-network is that coinsurance payment for in-network plans is billed at a lower “member rate.”  Routine cleanings and preventative care are typically 90-100% covered by most PPO plans, regardless of network status. Check with your plan to review in-network vs. out-of-network co-insurance amounts for restorative and other non-preventative services.

We are unable to accept/process claims for the following plan types: Delta Care (serviced by Delta Dental), Willamette Dental, Dentegra, Level, and all HMO plans. Patients with these plans are required to provide payment in full on the date of service and seek reimbursement directly from their carrier. Additionally, we cannot electronically submit MetLife claims that do not include the subscriber’s social security number as the member ID. *Please inquire at checkout or with the Office Manager regarding MetLife claim submission specifics*

We accept patients with Washington State Medicaid insurance (Apple Health/Molina) with a referral from the King County Access to Baby & Child Dentistry program. Please get in touch with ABCD@kingcounty.gov or call (206)363-8750 to receive a referral. Washington State Medicaid insurance is accepted as a Primary insurance plan only and is not accepted for secondary insurance.

Greenlake Kids Dentistry requires all patients to have an ACTIVE dental insurance policy on file or indicate “no insurance” before the start of any appointment. Patients unable to provide proof of an active dental insurance policy or who prefer to pay out-of-pocket are required to in full on the day of the appointment. A credit or debit card will be collected at check-in and charged at the end of the visit for all out-of-pocket payments.

It is the responsibility of the patient to provide the following insurance plan information.

  • Insurance Carrier name and state
  • Member ID or SSN if no member ID is available.
  • Group Number
  • Employer
  • Subscribers’ Full name and date of birth.

Whenever possible please provide a digital or physical copy of your insurance card.

It is the responsibility of the patient to be familiar with your insurance benefits.
If you need assistance confirming your dental insurance eligibility, please get in touch with our office a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment date. 
If your Dental Insurance provider is out of network, we may not have access to their information.

Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are not a party to that contract. We, at no time, guarantee what insurance will or will not cover each claim. Dental insurance is not designed to cover 100% of your dental healthcare needs. Upon request, at least a week in advance of your appointment, we will assist in estimating the portion of the cost due for our services. Any estimate given by this office is considered a guideline until the final insurance is received and the patient’s account is reconciled. The office cannot guarantee the actual payment by your insurance company. For services that have been predetermined, the amount the insurance company may pay may be subject to maximums, deductibles, limitations, and non-payment due to employment status.

Claim Submission:

We will submit insurance claims electronically on your behalf as a courtesy. Greenlake Kids Dentistry is unable to submit claims by mail or fax. Regardless of insurance claim status, you are responsible for charges for the treatment you receive. Unprocessed claims after 30 days will be billed to you in full. After 30 days, you are responsible for paying Greenlake Kids Dentistry in full and seeking reimbursement directly from your insurance carrier, even if there is a payment dispute.

If you prefer to submit your own claim, please pay in full at checkout. We will provide a statement listing the procedures for you to submit your claim. Patient payments will be refunded if insurance payment is received after the balance is paid.