We strive to make appointments available to all patients at a time and date that is convenient to their schedule. We book appointments 6-7 months in advance. There are a limited number of before and after-school appointments available. The best way to secure a coveted before or after-school appointment is to schedule follow-up visits in-office at the end of your current appointment. Dental appointments are an excused absence from school, and missing school can be kept to a minimum when regular visits to the dentist are made.

Our mission is to create a life-long, positive relationship with dental care for your children. To ensure your children have a successful visit and enjoy their time with us, we strongly encourage parents to consider the following before scheduling their children’s appointment:

  • First-Visit appointments for children under 3 years are most successful in the morning between 9-11 am. Our staff will work with you to find a morning time to accommodate nap and feeding schedules.
  • Preschool children (under 6) generally have a much easier time with visits in the morning (before noon), especially if it is the first visit.
  • Elementary school-aged children (6-9) who need dental treatment (fillings, extractions, etc.) are also much more likely to tolerate treatment appointments well in the morning.
  • First-Visit appointments for older children: When your child is transferring to us from another provider, we schedule extra time for the first appointment. This allows the doctor time to review previous dental care, answer any questions you may have and create a comprehensive treatment plan as needed. Because of this, first-appointment visits for transfer patients are available between 9-2 pm.
  • Due to the high demand for afternoon/after-school appointments, we are unable to see children under three years of age after 2 pm.

Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

A cancellation made with less than a 48-hour notice significantly limits our ability to care for patients in need.

  1. We require 48-hour notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. This will allow us the opportunity to provide care to other patients. If we are not available by phone or if it is after hours, a message can be left via phone, email, or text.
  2. A “No show/No Call” or missed appointment without proper 48-hour notification may be assessed as a fee based on appointment type.
    • $25 for Fluoride Appointments
    • $75 for Cleaning Appointments
    • $100 for Treatment Appointments
  3.  This fee is not billable to your insurance.
  4. If you are ten or more minutes late, the appointment may be canceled and considered a missed appointment.
  5. As a courtesy, we send an appointment save-the-date email within 24 hours of scheduling. We send appointment confirmation request emails & text messages beginning 14 days before your scheduled appointment. Once confirmed, we send appointment reminder emails & text messages seven days and 48 hours before the appointment. Please note that the cancellation policy remains if a reminder message is not received.
  6. Repeated missed appointments may terminate the provider/patient relationship.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please let our staff know, and we will be glad to clarify any questions you have.