Can I be with my child during their visit?

Absolutely.  In fact, for routine exams and cleanings, especially in the earlier years, we generally prefer this.  It allows parents to understand how their child is cared for, what services we have provided, and what care is needed after leaving our office.  However, if treatment of dental disease or other conditions is necessary (fillings, extractions, sealants, etc), we strongly recommend patients come back by themselves.  Our experience has taught us that kids are much more likely to successfully complete the necessary treatment when we are able to fully focus on them without distraction.  And if they have a positive and successful experience, they are much less likely to develop negative associations with dental care that can lead to long-term anxiety and fear that will very likely shape their entire future regarding dental health.  If a parent feels strongly this is not appropriate for their child, parents are certainly allowed to be with them for treatment visits.  If this is the case, it is of utmost importance that parents allow the GKD team to be the primary communicators with their child.  Communication between us and our patient is THE most important factor in allowing us to appropriately and carefully treat your child’s dental disease or condition.  It is extremely important to the quality of treatment provided, but more importantly, to your child’s emotional health and well being.  If given the choice to listen to a parent or us, children will choose the parent every time.  This can greatly interfere with, or even eliminate any opportunity we have to provide much needed treatment of oral disease like tooth decay, pain, and infection.