We will submit insurance claims electronically on your behalf as a courtesy. Greenlake Kids Dentistry is unable to submit claims by mail or fax. Regardless of insurance claim status, you are responsible for charges for the treatment you receive. Unprocessed claims after 30 days will be billed to you in full. After 30 days, you are responsible for paying Greenlake Kids Dentistry in full and seeking reimbursement directly from your insurance carrier, even if there is a payment dispute.

If you prefer to submit your own claim or are paying out-of-pocket, we require payment in full at checkout on the day of your appointment. We offer discounts starting at 15% for patients paying out-of-pocket.

As a small business, we rely on timely payments from patients so that we may support our staff and operating costs. Balances aged over 90 days are not allowed. All accounts must be paid in full within 90 days of service. Balances over 90 days will result in future appointment cancellations until payment is made in full or a monthly payment plan is arranged with the Practice Manager

For families who are exiting our practice with an outstanding, unpaid balance. We are not able to release dental records to your new practice until the balance is paid in full or a monthly payment plan is arranged with the Practice Manager.

Payment arrangements for split families:

Our patient management system allows for only 1 parent/guardian to be listed as head of the household/primary contact. In the case of split households, our billing policy is as follows: The head of the household will be designated as the primary billing contact.
All statements and communication regarding financial matters will be directed to the head of the household. The head of the household is responsible for ensuring timely payment of all dental services rendered to the patient. It is the designated head of household’s/primary contact’s responsibility to coordinate reimbursement with the secondary guardian if applicable. Greenlake Kids Dentistry is not able to send split statements to the secondary guardian.

*Please note: Text and email communications such as appointment reminders will be sent to all Parents/Guardians listed for each patient. Please contact us directly (206) 387-4131 to update communication preferences as needed.